Bringing an indoor water fountain into your home is is a wonderful way to give it that special touch.  These water features have a soothing visual flow of water, a lovely resonant sound which masks unwanted noise, and a beautiful artistic design.  They add moisture to the air, promoting healthier skin, while bringing a sparkling vibrancy to their surroundings.  They are made of high-fire ceramic, a great material for water fountains indoors, as it is very durable and will not fade, and simple to maintain.

My Signature Line floor water features will fit into many environments, adding a touch of flair and originality.  You can choose from a 3’, 4’ or 5’ height, by mixing and matching the fountain top (2’ or 3’) with the fountain basin (1’ or 2’).  Prices are from $2,000 – $3,500.

If you’re interested in something more, my Collection water features bring a striking elegance to any environment.  These can be 5-10’ tall or larger, and some also feature Ammonite fossils, or spheres of quartz, labradorite or obsidian.  Prices upon request.

I have many different designs and color options to choose your indoor fountain from my current stock of pieces, or you can custom order your own unique water feature.  Current stock pieces take about 2 wks to ship, while custom pieces will take 4-6 wks.  Each one is handmade in my studio in Oakland, CA.