What are they made from?

The fountains and basins are high-fired ceramic. This is a great material for water features as it has a very tough surface, able to last for decades with no fading or wear. Essentially the surface is glass, so you can imagine how robust it is. Gaudi created his magnificent architecture and parks in Barcelona 100 yrs ago using mosaic tile, and they still look as beautiful now as they did then.

Are they for indoors or out?

Both!   With minor adjustments they are splash-free, and can live indoors with you. And they can handle the elements outdoors as well – the high-fired glazed surface will not fade or deteriorate. If you have heavy winters, we recommend a reinforced basin or bringing the piece inside.

How much do they weigh?

Without water, a 3’ piece is about 100 lbs, a 5’ piece is about 140lbs, and a 6′ piece is about 200lbs etc.

How easy is shipping and assembly?

Very! Packaging and shipping to the US is $300-$400, $500 for the East Coast.   Assembly takes about 15 min.

How much sound do they make?

This depends on how full the basin is. When it’s nearly full, the water flow has a subtle sound, but when it’s halfway full or less, a more cavernous, echoing resonance emerges.

How do I prevent white scale deposits from forming?

As the fountain runs, the water evaporates from it, but the minerals don’t. After a few months they’ll get super concentrated in the water, and will start to collect on the surface of the piece. So once you start to see serious deposits forming, that’s the cue to change the water in the basin – emptying out the old mineral-filled water and replacing it with new water.

How do I keep Algae from forming?

If this becomes a problem, you can purchase algeacides for fountains from your local hardware store. Or just add a teaspoon of bleach.

How do I keep leaves and debris from collecting in the basin?

There’s a foam debris screen that slips between the basin and the top sculptural section, which will catch most of these intruders before they slip into the basin.

What if the pump burns out?

They should last for 5-10 yrs, but if you have to replace one, it’s very simple to detatch the old one and put in a new one. They can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you email me I’ll give you the exact details.