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[vc_column_text]I began this exploration into the unknown when I took a pottery class after college, in 1990. I quickly found an access to some unique, beautiful expressions in working with slabs of clay – cutting out 2-D shapes then curving and connecting them to make 3-D forms. In designing these pieces I felt like I’d accessed a mental toolbox which had rarely been utilized. Over the next 15 years I developed a large vocabulary of forms, textures, patterns and colors which I employed to create many sculptural vessels, eventually leading to leaving my engineering career in 2004 to devote myself to art.

After travelling for over a year in Thailand and India I returned in 2006 and gave myself over full-time to the artistic process. As aesthetically pleasing as my vessels were, I felt that they did not express the depth and resonance of life that I had discovered. I wanted my work to express truths about our nature, to somehow evoke a sense of spiritual presence, but I was still clinging to the knowable, relatable relationship to my works as vessels. Then in April of 2007 I finally released this and began making monumental sculptural pieces, which evoked a deep response in me and from the world, and set my creativity free in many directions. I’ve since created and installed over 5 dozen major pieces, including 4 public artworks.

I feel that my work has at last begun to truly speak, and that all the ways I’ve grown and evolved in myself are starting to express themselves in my sculptures. There are ideas I’ve had for 10 years that are now coming to fruition, and I look forward to the continuing evolution of this exploration into truth and beauty.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]